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Join us at a tea education session, a small tea event, or one of our festivals!


Nov 13, 1:30-3:30pm
Thorndike Room, Bothell, WA

Join us to learn about the ancient Tea-Horse Road, a trade route that connected Yunnan and Tibet for 1000 years, and pu ehr tea, which was carried along it. In this two-hour session we will:
* Share history of the route
* View a recorded interview with Yang Guo Chang, telling stories about working on the route before it's activities were replaced by highways in the 1960s
* Find out about pu erh tea, the main tea traded on the route in exchange for Tibetan horses
* Taste different pu erh teas.

Space is limited to 30 attendees

Sponsored by Crimson Lotus Tea


January 21, 2023
Lynden Library, Lynden, WA

Let's celebrate the Year of the Rabbit!  Meet us at the Lynden Library for fun: tea tastings, lunar new year snacks, and arts & crafts will start your year with good fortune.

Co-hosted by Whatcom Tea


April 8, 2023
Save the date!

It's our second tea festival!  We're in the planning phase to grow this one with more space, vendors you can visit, tea tasting sessions, and activi-teas but less smoky air and stairs!  Stay tuned for more information.




10AM - 3PM

Crimson Lotus Tea is a Seattle area puerh tea import and education company. We are Glen Bowers, and my wife Dawa Lamu. We got started in 2013. Glen grew up in Seattle and was a total coffee geek until I found puerh. Lamu is a Tibetan born in the Himalayas and raised in Yunnan. Puerh tea is the fuel that drives our passions; both literally and figuratively.

We exclusively deal in puerh tea and gongfu style brewing accessories. We travel to Yunnan, China each year to live and work as close to the source as possible.


10AM - 3PM

Floating Leaves imports oolong and other teas directly from Taiwanese farmers and roasters, and has operated out of Ballard Seattle for over 17 years. They work with artisans and producers who take pride in their craft. Floating Leaves is also pursuing the traditional art of Charcoal Roasting oolong tea right here in Washington.

Our deep desire is to share the beauty and carry on the tradition of Taiwan into the American tea culture. We want to share teas that make you feel inspired.


10AM - 3PM

Friday Afternoon is a small family owned, geeky-themed tea company. They provide loose leaf tea, custom blends, tea wares and accessories, and educational tastings.

We believe in tea as an act of love and service. We believe in knowing our farmers and brewing with heart. We believe in giving back to our communitea and finding any excuse to laugh over a cuppa.


10 AM - 3PM

We’re from Bellingham, WA and make superfood latte blends based on TURMERIC, BEETROOT & MATCHA. SAKU is a great way to boost your health & wellbeing while enjoying a treat. Our wellness lattes are a snap to prepare, packed with benefits & absolutely delicious. They can be made with your favorite milk & enjoyed hot, iced, or as a cocktail! SAKU is 100% organic, vegan, gluten & sugar free. We mix in small batches and only use the most fragrant, freshly ground ingredients. Nourish your body & feed your soul… BE SAKU®


10AM - 3PM

The Sugimoto story started at the foothills of Mt. Fuji with first generation tea maker Zenichi Sugimoto. Over the course of three generations the Sugimoto family has built a tea company that is authentic and innovative.

Sugimoto produces Japanese green teas, including everything from sencha to matcha, while embracing innovation to bring the best tasting tea to customers.  Sugimoto seeks to show people around the world the wonder of Japanese tea in food and beverages, and through these efforts, make people’s lives richer and happier.



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