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Tea experiences for everyone

Our 2024 Inclusive Experiences

We heard from our community that there was a need for tea festival experiences at home for individuals who can't, for whatever reason, participate in large events in person.

We're working this year to make some different experiences available so everyone can share tea and joy.  BeingTea is our inclusivity sponsor this year and advisor to help us provide an at-home tea experience that is fun, engaging, and connecting.

We'll learn from this year and bring back what works - please be sure to give us feedback!

2024 Experiences

Sign up for our inclusive experiences on this tickets page starting March 31.

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Tiny Tea: How to Brew Small Servings

Online Tea Class

April 20, 1:30pm-2:30pm PDT

Before our Tea Chat tasting session on Sunday, join Sooz from Being Tea – our festival's Inclusivity Sponsor –  for a special session on Saturday, designed to help you get the most from all the amazing tea samples in your box!


There is a particular skill in tea that is essential for both beginners and more experienced folks: how to brew just one small cup. The very smallest portion of tea that is practical to sip, without potential waste. Sooz calls this "tiny tea."

Why would we need to learn this?
– To handle brewing several teas at once for comparing side-by-side, without being overwhelmed.
– To enjoy little leftover "scraps" of tea (1-3g) instead of just tossing them out.
– To make taking a brief tea break during the day with just a single fresh cup more possible. (the ultimate spot of tea!)
– To save more tea/money without sacrificing taste or quality. (ie: not everyone wants to brew 5-8g of tea in an expensive gongfu session and burn through all their tea so quickly)

While we will touch on specific teaware that can be helpful, you do not need anything special to join. This is a skills building class, not a teaware class, so it will be useful no matter the size of your everyday teaware! 

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Cascadia Tea Chat

Online Tea Event

April 21, 10:30am - 1pm PDT

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British Tea Party Etiquette

Livestream from festival

April 20, 11:00-11:50am PDT

Join our livestream of this workshop from the festival!

Afternoon Tea or High Tea? The Do's and Don'ts of correct British Tea Party Etiquette

A fun and brief history of the birth of Afternoon tea in Britain giving an insight into how Victorian fixation with manners and etiquette gave rise to some interesting tea drinking codes of conduct. Pinkies up or down...?

Followed by a note about tea drinking culture in the UK today and how some of our Victorian ancestors' etiquette rules remain in place. Would you know how to properly take tea with the British Royal family? 


This presentation concludes with a rather funny story about Susannah Matthew's Grandfathers trip to Buckingham Palace for Afternoon Tea!


Susannah Matthews, Owner of The Great British Tea Party

Susie Matthews is a lively English woman who brings her passion for British history and culture to life through the quintessentially British pastime of taking Afternoon Tea. She was born in an idyllic market town in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales in England. Her love affair with tea gave her the motivation to follow her dream and set up The Great British Tea Party in 2021. The birth of the Great British Tea Party has given her the opportunity to share her heritage and passion for taking Afternoon Tea.  The Great British Tea Party offers corporate, private and public Afternoon Tea party events for all sorts of occasions and there's no shortage of themes! 

As the author Jane Malyon said "Afternoon Tea could possibly save the World, it's a door opener, a wound healer and a rapport builder. Its a time to be present with special people".

Join other tea adventurers for a sip and chat. Special guests will make appearances to talk about tea, lead tea tastings, and have a cozy time. Share your own tea experiences and connect with our community.



Experience the fun of the Cascadia Tea Festival from home. Our festival in a box includes your own white bunny tea pet to accompany your tea adventures, a small tea towel, konpeito candies, a tea craft, and 8 tea samples from festival vendors. Tea included from Tea J Tea, Crimson Lotus, SaKu, Friday Afternoon, Sugimoto, and LaConner Tea Company.

The box is intended for those who are not able to attend the festival in person. Limit 1 box/household.

$10 donation covers the cost for postage and shipping materials.

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