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2024 Cascadia Tea Festival
April 20, 11am to 6pm

Our next Cascadia Tea Festival takes place on April 20, 2024 at Brightwater Center in Woodinville, Washington.

Admissions are pay-what-you-want and tickets will be available on March 2nd.

Check out our 2024 sponsors and vendors here.


We're excited to come together again to share tea and community.

Tickets available for online inclusive experiences
Admissions sold out for April 20 festival
Walk-ups accommodated as space is available

No upcoming events at the moment

Workshops and Tea Tastings

The workshop and tastings program schedule is now live! We're excited to offer educational opportunities in two areas.


The Conservation Classroom for 1-hour workshops and in-depth tea tasting sessions that last 20-30 minutes.

* 10am: Discovering the World of Tea (free, tickets required)

*  11am: Afternoon Tea or High Tea? The Do's and Don'ts of Correct British Tea Party Etiquette (free, tickets required)

* 12pm and 1pm (two sessions): Make Your Own Teacup (SOLD OUT free or $10 shipping cost, tickets required)

* 12pm to 2pm: 20 minute tea tasting sessions with Eric Suen, Oolong Owl, Gabriel Lukeris (tickets available at the festival)


Educational Tea Tasting tables in the main festival for informal tasting sessions - if you see a seat, grab it and sip along! Hosted by:

* Charles Dawson, Whatcom Tea

* Diarmuid Fahy

* Joshua Brock, The Empty Tea Cup

* Joan Chissus

Check out our programming schedule for workshop details and tea tasting opportuni-teas! 

Cascadia Tea Festival at Brightwater Center

Getting into the festival: The festival will be held in the Brightwater Center Environmental Education & Community Center from 11am - 6pm, with some additional workshops and tasting sessions taking place in the Conservation Classroom from 10am - 1pm. (That's right! The first workshop of the day will give you an early start to your festival experience!)

You'll enter the festival from the entrance off the North Plaza. The Conservation Classroom is accessed from the main building by covered walkway. The location is ADA accessible.

Parking: There is free onsite parking, but it is limited, so we recommend carpooling!

Water is the mother of tea and the Brightwater Exhibit Hall provides an opportunity to learn more about our local watersheds and actions we all can take to protect our waters.

Address: 22505 State Route 9 S.E. Woodinville, WA 98072-6010


Attending the Festival


Will this be your first tea festival experience or your first time joining us at Cascadia Tea Festival? Here's a bit about what you can expect!

Cascadia Tea Festival is very small, or as we like to think of it, just right for community coziness. 2024 is our third festival and each festival has been at a different, slightly larger, location as we slowly grow. Our festival includes:

  • Thirteen vendors with tea, tea ware, and snacks

  • Tea tasting sessions. This year we are also offering medium size workshops!

  • A new-to-you tea ware sale that raises funds to run the festival

  • Arts and crafts opportunities: tea coloring sheets, tea themed bookmark decorating, button making... drinking all that tea really sparks creativi-tea

Tickets (available online and at the door as space allows)

How much does it cost to attend? Cascadia Tea Festival is free to attend or pay-what-you-will. Ordering tickets in advance is not required, but we suggest it so you are guaranteed an opportunity to enter the festival. We offer tickets for first wave entry (enter between 11am and 1:30pm) and second wave entry (enter after 2:30pm.) This lets us offer as much opportunity for as many people to attend as a small space allows.  Once you arrive, there isn't a set time you have to leave until we close at 6pm.

Tips for a great tea festival experience

1. Don't forget to bring your cup!  We have paper cups if you forget, but tea is tastier when it's in your own cup. There will also be some cups available from our vendors and tea ware sale.

2. Bring a snack. There will be tasty treats from La Liath Bakery but no restaurants or food trucks on site. Plan on bringing some food to soak up all the tea you'll be drinking.

3. Embrace (friendly) chaos. The festival can be a little crowded and loud sometimes, as everyone moves between conversations and tea sipping at booths, seated tea tastings, and crafts. Keep calm and drink tea: the flow will carry you everywhere you want to go over the course of your visit.

Have your own tips for having a great tea festival experience?  Share it with us on Instagram or Facebook!

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