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2024 Festival-in-a-Box

Your 2024 Cascadia Tea Festival-in-a-Box experience includes your own white bunny tea pet, a small tea towel, konpeito candy, stickers, and eight tea samples from sponsors and vendors of the Cascadia Tea Festival.

Osmanthus the Tea Bunny has been the mascot of Cascadia Tea Festival since our first year and we're delighted to send you your own copy of Osmanthus to share tea with you.  We hope you'll enjoy these teas together and feel like part of the Cascadia Tea Festival community.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Being Tea, who made the Festival-in-a-Box possible this year through their sponsorship and mentorship on building out our inclusive experiences for our community.  Thanks to all of the festival sponsors and vendors who contributed tea samples so everyone could taste along with some of the same teas we'll drink at the in-person event.


And thank you to you, for sharing tea with us and your patience as we figure out what goes into preparing and mailing out a festival experience that you can enjoy from anywhere.

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