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Our 2024 Sponsors

We'd like to thank our sponsors for helping make our small community tea festival possible!



Returning Vendor

Floating Leaves imports oolong and other teas directly from Taiwanese farmers and roasters, and has operated out of Ballard Seattle for over 17 years. They work with artisans and producers who take pride in their craft. Floating Leaves is also pursuing the traditional art of Charcoal Roasting oolong tea right here in Washington.

Our deep desire is to share the beauty and carry on the tradition of Taiwan into the American tea culture. We want to share teas that make you feel inspired.


Returning vendor

The Sugimoto story started at the foothills of Mt. Fuji with first generation tea maker Zenichi Sugimoto. Over the course of three generations the Sugimoto family has built a tea company that is authentic and innovative.

Sugimoto produces Japanese green teas, including everything from sencha to matcha, while embracing innovation to bring the best tasting tea to customers.  Sugimoto seeks to show people around the world the wonder of Japanese tea in food and beverages, and through these efforts, make people’s lives richer and happier.

Returning vendor

Whatcom Tea is a small business that sells tea, tea ware, consults, and produces educational learning opportunities throughout the U.S and abroad. Whatcom Tea is founded by tea lovers in the Whatcom County region of Washington state. They hold regular public tea tastings and educational events, and occasionally makes field trips to notable tea destinations (such as the world-class Chinese tea shops in Richmond B.C.)

Returning Vendor

Heritage Teaworks is a virtual sanctuary created to celebrate the divine light that is reflected in. Hand crafted art for your tea time.

Returning Vendor

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality of luxury tea and accoutrements as we strive to produce blends that are unique to the palate and soothing to the soul.

I use to have a retail tea shop on La Conner’s historic waterfront where I created special blends that represented the local region. My blends were well received and flew off the shelf. My customers were pleased with a luxury product named for the area where their memories were made. In 2018 I left the tea business to pursue another dream but year year later returned to begin a luxury tea company based online. We love to travel and plan to see all of America by road with trailer in tow and to make connections all over the US to bring luxury tea to America’s palate.

Returning Vendor

Lá Liath, pronounced la lee-ah, is Irish for "grey day," and was chosen to reflect the (usual) Seattle weather. Our mission is to bring the baked goods of the British Isles to Seattle emphasizing local ingredients. All items are made from scratch and baked in our commercial kitchen in Georgetown.
Bakery owner Marenka, pronounced Ma-zhen-ka, has a love for all things tea and pastry, as well as her partner, cat, and cookbooks. Her favorite items to eat are the Viennese Whirls and Bakewell tart, though she thinks the Guinness cake is the most delicious smelling item to make.


New vendor for 2024

Tao Teaware is a company and community where people can explore drinking tea gongfu style without pressure.  We focus on teaching about Chinese tea pottery on Instagram and Youtube while sharing our conversations on the development of the small teapot scene with potters in the US.
All of our wares are from China, encompassing different studios and styles from across Chinese history.  We offer a range of price points for every tea drinker from apprentice pots to one of a kind master pots.


New vendor for 2024

Jonathan Steele makes ceramic teaware by hand and woodfires it with kiln communities in the Pacific Northwest.
Narrowing in on wares for gongfu service since 2016, Jonathan enjoys the nuances of puerh and oolong teas and creating precise pairings for them with his particular ceramic vessels

Enthea teahouse 2.PNG

New vendor for 2024

Enthea Teahouse has travelled directly to China for the last twelve years, building family style relationships with farmers and tea producers to source exclusively hand-made, small batch tea. They value whole spectrum trade from tea plant to tea pot, where the experience of brewing is enhanced by that intimate line of quality and care. 


They have also cultivated relationships with local tea ware artisians in the Pacifc Northwest to offer primarily hand-made, locally-curated PNW tea ware in their 120 year old Victorian brick and mortar in SE Portland, Or. In this way, they hope to continue building bridges between Gongfu tea culture in China and here in the PNW to contribute to deepening community connection both locally and abroad through sharing quality hand-made tea in more meaningfully ways together.

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